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4EverGreen's Secret Shogun Rangers!

Since Aaron Hong makes secret Rangers of his own, I'd thought I'd give a shot at making my own! The Secret Shogun Rangers are the true masters of the Shogun Zords, and their ranger powers are similar to their zords powers! Also, the 3 left hand bottom rangers are Triforians who combine to form the Mega Shogun Falcon Ranger! That's all you need to know!

sentaichibi8.png sentaiyellowfemaleversion.png Shogun_Rangers!.JPG sidemorph2.jpg Silver.gif
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4EverGreen   [Nov 12, 2006 at 11:37 PM]
It looks like Aaron Hong is no longer the only person on this website who is able to make Secret Rangers anymore now is he? Looks like I'm going to be giving Aaron Hong a good run for his money! (Or ratings, as the case might be!) Very Happy
shishi ranger   [Nov 13, 2006 at 06:50 AM]
You may want to work on getting the basic shape of the human figure down first...
4EverGreen   [Nov 13, 2006 at 05:10 PM]
They're supposed to look the way they do shishi ranger! I designed them to have the same powers of their zords which are animals so they're suits are designed to look and perform in the way the animals their zords represent would act and move. Just thought I'd clear that up for you. Surprised
yellow_mask   [Nov 13, 2006 at 05:15 PM]
I think you should change your description of aaron having some competition..I really hate to offend you..although I know this will..but aaron actually can draw and has the artistic skill and you can tell he doesn't post just some thing he put together in 2 if u look at it..he really doesn't have any competition(Sp) and shishi ranger is right..he/she isn't talking about the paws and claws..she's talking about the human self but yeah..I know it makes you want to cook up your own stuff when you see others post their artistic work..but dude they've been practicing and even probably took classes in art...they didn't master the work of art in one day..I mean you got to practice and practice also go for lessons to learn how to draw. You can't just put together any thing and just hope that it's a master piece..again I really hate to offend you..but in all it looks like the work of a young child because the colors are just smudged into the picture..and you can't really tell much of the picture apart because the figures aren't drawn clearly. I really suggest that you post your art once you've learned a bit more about it cux you can't expect people to comment and phrase your work with out offending you..because I know this comment did offend you..and others just don't have really much to say either..

to be honest aaron has really nothing to worry about he has really mastered to fine key of art..and sadly..I hate to say this but you're not at the begining stages (haha niether am I thats why I don't post any drawings of mine..unless I do truly believe what I drew came out really good and thats only once in a blue moon lol)
4EverGreen   [Nov 13, 2006 at 05:23 PM]
It didn't take me just two minutes to draw this! It took me 45 minutes to draw it, and 45 more minutes to color it in Photoshop! So it took me 90 minutes total, so don't call me an artist with no talent because it took me time to come up with something that looks this good! Idea And FYI, I have taken art classes! I took art classes for two full years in High school, and I'm taking two art classes in college right now. And look, I'm not offended. Constructive criticism builds up character, and I can take it or leave it! And one more thing, just how much time has Aaron Hong been drawing anyways? I'd like to know where he compares with me. Question
yellow_mask   [Nov 13, 2006 at 05:30 PM]
I'm really sorry to say this..but it could take you 1 hour to 1 day..but if a pic doesn't look good it doesn't..look good..right now go take a long hard look at one of aarons creations..and then take a long hard look at urs..and you can't tell me that both works of art are equal...and dude "looks good?" you've bascically smudged the font with the colors..and you've hardly put any detail on them and what ever detail there is u've shrunk it..and it's hard to tell apart because of the colors that stand out...I'm not calling it "bad" because I truely dont' have a right to say that when I my self can't really draw...but it can't be considered good either.. and on top of that u expect people to come in and say some thing good..which can't easily be done with out offending you..unless u want them to lie to you. personally I'd rather have honest any day even though it does hurt..than some one telling me what they think I wanna hear.
shishi ranger   [Nov 13, 2006 at 11:19 PM]
Yeah, I was talking about their entire bodies. Look at someone, do their shoulders stick out six inches from the rest of their body? Is their crotch two feet from the ground and do they have to bend over to just to reach it? (don't answer that) Those are just a few things. Taking an existing picture of a person and tracing over them or just making a stick figure skeleton to use as a base can help you to become more familiar with how the body is constructed.
Do a Google Image search for "Andrew Loomis" sometime. He did some figure drawing books that I thought were very helpful.
JonathanPuertoRico   [Nov 19, 2006 at 02:05 AM]
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