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Dynaman chibi794 views
Dynaman vs Goggle V634 views
Elementalzords1023 viewsNeo Power Rangers, my own fanfic;

the new 5 neo power rangers gain the powers of the Elementalzords and the Element Megazord

Yellow Thunderbird, Pink Falcon, Red Winged Dragonzord (warrior mode), Black Rhino, Blue Leviathan
Turquoise Coin!602 viewsThis is the coin the evil Nosaj uses to transform into the Negative Turquiose Tyranosaurus Ranger!
Evil 4Ever Big One!507 viewsUnlike the positive 4Ever Big One who derives his powers from the positive end of the color spectrum, the negative 4Ever Big One derives his powers from the negative end of the color spectrum, in order to destroy the forces of good!
Yllib-Negative Triceratops Ranger!542 viewsUnlike his positive Billy counterpart, Yllib is stupid & not very helpful. The other Power Ranger's often need Inirt's help to make any sense out of the senseless blabbering that Yllib usually says!
Evil 4EverGreen Tyranosaurus Ranger!501 viewsAfter the negative 4EverGreen temporarily steals Negative Ymmot's Negative Dragonzord powers, he uses them for his own to become even more powerful & more evil than he's ever been before!
Evil 4EverGreen Tigerzord Ranger!489 viewsBecause even the best of the good people in this world have a dark side to them, so do I have a reverse counterpart in the negative dimension! With an evil mustache & an evil goatee, the negative Black TigerZord ranger tries to take over the world for his evil master Nodroz!
Negative Team!867 viewsFrom left to right, Yllib the Yellow ranger, Mik the Teal ranger, Nosaj the Turquoise ranger, Inirt the Cyan ranger, & Kaz the White Ranger, fight for the evil mastermind Nodroz (Zordon with a goatee,) & his evil assistant Negative V Ahpla against the good witch Asluper Atir & her band of heroic outcasts!
Negative-Dimension Zord 1!557 views(Note: the following story is fan fiction.) In one of Rita Repulsa's many plots against the Power Rangers, she zaps the hero's into a negative dimension where the negative versions of the Power Rangers are the bad guys, &the negative versions of Rita&her forces are good guys! This is the zord that the evil Inirt (Trini's negative) pilots to destroy the forces of good!
Faces865 views
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