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Aaron Hong's Secret Rangers - Turbo Rescue Rangers2226 viewsA powerup of the old Turbo Rangers, or a new team of cocky young recruits? What do you think?
Wild Force Secret Rangers: Animus Rangers2218 viewsFrom left: Brass Sawfish, Cobalt Condor, Wrought-Iron Lion, Bronze Buffalo and Copper Leopard.

The additional armor is there to indicate that these Rangers have special priority (they're connected to Animus after all - one Ranger is enough to bring down a single monster) but those of you familiar with the toyline will know what the real deal is.
Wild Force Secret Rangers: Animus Rangers with Savage Battle Gear2696 viewsAnother shoutout to the toy line.

This is where I pretty much confirmed that the Animus Rangers are all men. Otherwise, nothing REALLY new here (those weapons aren't exactly my own design either)
Wild Force Secret Rangers: Animus Rangers' weapons2076 viewsNo prizes for guessing where the idea came from.
Aaron's Secret Rangers: Wild Force Panda Ranger2422 viewsJust realised that I'd posted the pic of the kitbashed Panda Zord before checking if the Panda Ranger pic was even here. Is my face red. Here you go.
Wild Force: Super Bison and Super Eagle Zords1673 viewsSo we all know how the Wild Force Lion Zord expanded to eight times its size just to form the Pegasus Megazord - what if the other four Zords also had that ability?

For starters, I've expanded just the Bison and Eagle. The Bison obviously fills the same role it already had, as the lower body - the Eagle not only forms wings but adds its talons to the Megazord's feet. Also in this pic is a quick drawing of what the Condor from Animus would look like as a Megazord head.
Wild Force Secret Rangers - Final Battle3113 views24-Ranger pwnage - just the way momma likes it.
Wild Force Secret Ranger - Whale Ranger2092 viewsWhen you give a Ranger the biggest Wild Zord ever, you gotta back it up with some major hardware. On top of the standard-issue Crystal Saber, the Whale Ranger gets the massive Whale Blaster, so heavy that the other Rangers can't use it unless they all carry it at once; and the Whale Ranger's personal minisub vehicle. The Whale Blaster also summons the Whale Zord with the help of the Crystal Saber and Whale animal crystal mounted together.
Wild Force Secret Rangers: Whale Ranger Morph2639 viewsA world-weary old sailor finds kinship in a massive whale that frequents the trade routes of the Atlantic - but it's only through Wild Force that he learns of the shared destiny between him and the Whale Zord he always called friend, as the Wild Force Gray Ranger.
Red Megabattle Ranger1606 views
Power Rangers Relic Hunters791 viewsThe first name before of Operation Overdrive, based of the sentai Boukenger.
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