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Reverse Dimension Goggle 5679 viewsFrom L to R: Goggle Blue, Goggle White, Goggle Turquoise, Goggle Yellow, and Goggle Green
Reverse Dimension Goranger776 viewsFrom L to R: Akadairanger, Aoranger, Takoiranger, Kiranger, and Midoranger
Reverse Dimension JAKQ716 viewsFrom L to R: Negative Heart Queen, Negative Spade Ace, Negative Big One, Negative Diamond Jack, and Negative Clover King
Reverse Dimension Jetman791 viewsFrom L to R: Black Swan, Blue Owl, Turquoise Hawk, White Condor, and Orange Swallow
Reverse Dimension Liveman770 viewsFrom L to R: Blue Lion, White Bison, Turquoise Falcon, Lilac Rhino, and Yellow Dolphin
Reverse Dimension Maskman744 viewsFrom L to R: White Mask, Blue Mask, Turquoise Mask, Green Mask, and Yellow Mask
Reverse Dimension Sun Vulcan607 viewsFrom L to R: Negative Shark, Negative Eagle, and Negative Panther
Reverse Dimension Turboranger753 viewsFrom L to R: Yellow Turbo, Green Turbo, Turquoise Turbo, Blue Turbo, and White Turbo
Reverse Dimension Ninja Rangers878 viewsShortly after Jason,Trini and Zack left the Power Rangers they were replaced with Rocky,Aisha and Adam. After they lost their powers they gained new ninja powers from the Corrupt, Evil Ninja Ninjor.
Now each of the Evil Mighty Morphin Rangers is reprisented by a animal, Turquoise:Ape, Blue:Bear, Yellow:Wolf, Green:Crane, White:Frog and Black: Falcon.
Reverse Dimension Ninja Zords644 viewsAlong with the new ninja powers, the Evil Mighty Morphin Rangers were given new zords based on the animals they represent. The zords can combine to form the Ninja Zord.
Reverse Dimension Black Pantherzord724 viewsThe Pantherzord is the personal zord of the Black Ranger and is controlled by the sabre Saba. Has a warrior mode and can combine with the thunder zords to form the Mega Pantherzord
Reverse Dimension Tor557 viewsThe 2nd Carrier Zord of the Evil Mighty Morphin Rangers. Can combine with the Thunder Zorda and the Black Panther Zord to form The Thunder Ultra Zord.
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