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20th Century Fox Nightmare!1843 viewsSee it to believe it! At the start of this video,you'll hear the ending part of Bioman's "Blue Togetherness" song.
BlackHawk!1135 viewsI 1st thought of this character when I submitted an episode idea on "TV. com" for the TV show "Yin Yang Yo," & this was the only website I could think of where I might be allowed to post my picture so people who read my idea can find out what he looks like. I've put it under "Not for Reuse" as I don't want other people stealing it & claiming it as their own.
Boukenger/Super Sentai2466 viewsIf You See Boukenger Has A Lot Of Same Things With Super Sentai Series Take A Good Look
Buddog!657 viewsI'm uploading this picture into this gallery as I promised people at the TV. com website that I would, and I can think of no better place to show off my artistic talents than here! And seeing as how this is my creation, I don't want anybody copying it! That' all I have to say for this file.
Maji vs. Deka1238 viewsa pic I took from Maji vs. Deka, the TVN sub, I'd go there with them, without the camera though
Blue Morpher!682 viewsSorry I can' tell which morpher this is supposed to be. Otherwise, I would've put it in Fan Art.
PWNED!!!987 viewsSomeone made this pic for me and the server they put it on deletes files over time so I posted it here, And you can use it just keep in mind that Rider_Leangle made it, Here is a guide on how to use it, Say you just totaly PWNED a n00b with a coment, heres what you do after it:
*n00bs name*
*Insert This Pic here*
power rangers generations983 viewsgoing back to the time when i use to merge zord pictures...ah, those were the days lol. anyways I haven't added anything in awhile so i hope you enjoy my tiny nod to Power Rangers Generations...or the 15th anniversary
Mask-R-Ade!594 viewsHere's another villain I created for my favorite cartoon show of "Yin Yang Yo!" He can change into anything so I drew some of the forms that he can change into! Creating art is my life! That's why I uploaded this picture! ;)
Master Crane!636 viewsThis is another original character I created for the hit, animation show "Yin Yang Yo!" On the surface, Master Crane looks just like an ordinary, good guy bird, but is there more to him than meets the eye?! You'll have to find that out for yourself!
Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog744 viewsIf there is ever a folder for this please post it there.
first test of the digital ninja megazord1102 viewsnot perfect, but getting there ;-) tell me what you think
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