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Last comments - shishi ranger
zeo promo3190 viewsscanned by prlegends. I touched it up by removing the seam in the middle.02/07/06 at 22:41shishi ranger: Good job, it looks much better. I'm bothered ...
Boukenger characters2622 views02/04/06 at 17:19shishi ranger: that is a very pretty team.
Boukenger756 views01/31/06 at 17:39shishi ranger: Yeah, I'm more excited for this than MF. I do...
zeo stereogram2841 viewsif you have seen a magic eye book, and understand it, you know how to view this in 3d.
just relax your eyes so they dont focus, and the two images become one. (do not cross your eyes, that is the wrong way)
if your having trouble, try looking at the reflection in your monitor, and then looking at the image without changing your focal point.
01/31/06 at 17:36shishi ranger: awesome, how was that made?
Bulkback Mountain3291 views01/30/06 at 05:15shishi ranger: heh, I laughed
Flashman Collage2344 viewsA Choushinsei Flashman collage I made a while ago.01/30/06 at 05:14shishi ranger: Mostly because the Sentai footage would look dated...
2074 views01/29/06 at 02:10shishi ranger: No, I found the files of all the teams. The thing...
Flashman Collage2344 viewsA Choushinsei Flashman collage I made a while ago.01/29/06 at 02:07shishi ranger: nooo I hope they never use classic Sentai for new ...
The REAL Pink Mask2103 views01/27/06 at 02:38shishi ranger: "she's" sitting to the left of Pink
If we have Ninja Storm vs. Wild Force...2025 viewsAccording to Wendynne morphs into GaoBlue in the Hurricanger vs. Gaoranger.01/26/06 at 16:58shishi ranger: But unlike Gaoranger, Wild Force had two female ra...
The REAL Pink Mask2103 views01/26/06 at 16:58shishi ranger: and Yellow Mask too
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