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Rangers-Civilian Form590 viewsThe Power Rangers are catching a very rare break between classes & Rita's monsters! Also, the front of the card happens to be a special tin-foil edition of the regular card, but since the back of the special card is basically the same as the regular card, I just turned the Regular Card upside down.55555
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Merchandise Collage 3714 viewsSorry about the quality of the picture, but this was as good as I could get all of the cards-especially Rita's Repulsa card-to look. I have now scanned all the scannable items of "Power Rangers" that I own, & shall upload them when time permits.55555
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Trading Card Packet Front and Back!606 viewsPlease take care of this file. If this website should happen to shut down again & something happens to my computer, I will be unable to scan these covers again as I'll have by then opened them & scanned the contents with in those packets, so I'll allow for this picture to be downloaded for anyone who wants to download it in case they want to be safe.55555
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Red Ranger Card!540 viewsPicture and bio of the original Red Ranger, Jason.55555
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Power Rangers Attack1069 viewsThe Power Rangers must do battle against one of Rita Repulsa's monsters! Today they fight against Eye Guy! Will they be victorious? (Do I even have to ask?!) :lol:55555
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The Blue Ranger876 viewsBio and picture description of Billy, the one and only Blue "Mighty Morphin Power Ranger!" :D55555
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Trini's Zord1107 viewsAbout a month ago, I was blessed with the fortunate circumstance to run into a street vendor who was selling the authentic, original MMPR trading cards in packets for only $2 each, so I ended up buying 5 of them for a healthy collection! I'll be uploading my various pictures when time allows.55555
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MMPR Figures in some pose similar to show938 viewswell redranger2000 I tried but because of it's lack of articulation, you can't really pose them well. but this is the closest I got. I also used the Pink SPD ranger's long stick for Pink MMPR to make it look like she's holding the arrow lol.55555
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My Updated collection of Morphers/Changers969 viewsI'm done with my collection of morphers and changers which are from MMPR- OO\bouken. I'm just missing a few like Titanium Morpher and Gold PM to represent white and green rangers.
All of them are morphers except for the Power Brace, Degitizer, Accel Changer, G-Phone, G-Phone Brace, Shuriken Ball, Dino Minder, Bray throttle, Magi Phone, Magi Mother Phone, Uza Phone, Gold Grip Phone and GoGo Changer.
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Kidding697 views55555
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